My Creative Practice FAQ

I have been sat here awhile trying to convey all that I want to say about creativity and what my dreams with it contain. Creativity is very much like a mirage to me. I see it plain as day, I work with it, feel it in my bones, and dance with it in vivid color but I have trouble explaining exactly what it is to me or how I work with it. This causes my spiritual creativity practice to raise a few questions and as a lover of clarity I thought I would clear some of that up!

Here a few FAQ other creatives have asked of me lately.

I call myself a Soul Driven Artist, what the hell does that mean:
This means that I am not an artist out of desire to be one or because I am even any good at the whole art thing. Soul Driven Artist means my soul, my being demands that I create. I have walked away from art several times and I always end up going back no matter how much I protest. It is a part of me no matter how much I doubt or fight it. I have to create and I create for Me. 

Where I am Creatively:
For the moment, I am using my art as a healing medium for myself and discovering how to foster that ability to create healing projects for others. I have a daily and weekly creative practice that includes poetry, painting, drawing, and exploring colors/symbols to analyze my own work and decipher it’s hidden messages. 

Biggest Creative Struggle:
I am having a hard time tying down my own practice into one others can benefit from and understand. Because of this struggle, my confidence is starting to falter.  

How I am Connecting Art with Spirituality:
This ability has came through no true effort of my own. The two have always been connected and I feel a similar charge from magic as I do from creating. Both are a manifestation and require birthing something out of your own energy and being so it is not difficult for me to connect the two. Although I do make an effort to design overtly spiritual projects. 

Art for me in One Word:

Why I analyze my work: 
I analyze my pieces because I am past the idea of liking everything I make. I don’t create out of anesthetic goals but as something I need to do to understand myself on a deeper level. I don’t think too hard about what I’m making, I listen to my gut and see what symbols pop up. After I am finished, I then research what these symbols mean and see how they reflect what is going on inside me at that time or how it describes my true feelings toward something.

Creative Hopes for the Future:
– To get over myself and develop an art healing regime for others.
– To look into dance as a healing art. 
– To connect with more like minded healing artists!

My Current Inspirations:
– Music – La dispute, This Wild Life, Foxing (This week!) 
– My Medicine Wheel Teachers 
– Alan Watts 

Favorite Medium:
Collage and pen/marker 

Studio Necessities:
– Candles and Incense
– Art Journal 
– Tarot Cards
– My box of colorful pens
– My bucket of weird art materials 
– Music 


Card of July: Page of Cups

By: Hawk RunningWater 

My darlings it is that time again! We are now in the month of July but better late than never. And it seems that the Page of Cups has some wisdom to share with us.

Page of Cups

Page of Cups

Page of Cups: Creative Spark

 –This month is going to be teeming with creativity, fresh energy, and intuitive messages.  And as pages are messengers there could also be some positive family news such as child birth, engagement, wonderful ideas, etc.

-Make sure to be paying attention to your intuition, dreams, and animals that keep popping up around this time. There are messages and inspirations that are coming your way.

-This will be a time where you will feel your emotions very intensely but do not fear them, embrace them! Use these emotions and messages to fuel yourself creatively and let your inner child play.

-A great time to start new projects but be careful not to burn out when your energy shifts at the end of the month.

-Listen to your heart as cups are the suit of emotions, water, and relationships.

Page Suggestions:

-Pages bring messages and add the flow and ever-changing element of water to the mix and you are in for lots of changes. Remember to embrace flexibility and fluidity, now is not the time to be rigid.

-Find a meditation to communicate with your inner child this month. It is a month of dreams and creativity, so see what it is you need the most and get on it!

– Make sure to use your dream journal this month as well. The messages as I said before will be significant and you will want to spend some time reflecting and researching on what they mean.

Developing a Daily Practice

As I have been going through a rough patch in my depression again, with this comes shutting down in most ways including magically. I haven’t done anything on a daily basis to honor my path in months other than chatting with my patrons and a few meditation sessions.

This happens to all of us from time to time. We either get too caught up in our daily lives or hit a bump that throws everything out of whack including our spirituality. The best thing you can do is not beat yourself up about it but to actually do something about it. Sit yourself down. Take a breath. And think.

What do I NEED right now?
What NEEDS dealt with? Healed? Developed?
Where do I FEEL lacking right now?
What do I NEED to make time for to feel whole?

Questions like these may be helpful when you are stuck and aren’t sure exactly what you need right now. I asked myself these questions yesterday but I was still stumped. My brain kept doing the cop out, I don’t know. Can’t think. I feel fine. But I also knew that I not only wanted a daily practice,  I needed it.

Okay that is a step.

How many things can I rationally plan to do throughout the day so I don’t self-sabotage myself?
What is possible even on a busy day when I am pulling my hair out?

After asking this, the number 3 popped into my head and I rolled with it. But now what? How do I decide on something if I don’t really know what I need?


My tarot cards had been calling to me all morning but I couldn’t think of anything to read for and I could tell this was a serious business call not a we-wanna-play call. And then I knew. Ask my most trusted deck what I need. I pulled 3 cards for my three daily activities and then began to interpret.

I drew:
4 of Pentacles – Possessiveness, Lesson: Let Go
Knight of Wands – Call to action towards my passions/creativity
4 of Swords – Allow yourself time to rest and heal

I immediately noticed the two fours and knew from my personal experience with fours that it meant that I craved inner balance. I also noticed that nearly all of the elements were present except water (which I have more than enough of with these pregnancy hormones.) This also screamed a call of balance to me. After noting these I studied the pictures and really thought about what I NEEDED.

And so I developed my new daily practice of one meditation toward releasing negative energy (4 of Pentacles), make time for something creative such as work that I enjoy or something artsy (Knight of Wands), and finally a healing meditation (4 of swords.) I plan on doing these for this month and doing another reading at the beginning of August to see how much my needs changed if at all. After one day of doing these three things, I already feel more at peace, calm, and balanced. I also feel a deep healing going on within me which I didn’t expect to feel so strongly after one day.

I know this sounds ramblely but the moral of this little post is simply: If you get a pull toward something listen to your call and don’t be afraid to use alternative methods if your brain wants to be difficult. We are constantly evolving on our path and that means also constantly learning new ways to get passed our own blockages. Never be ashamed to find that method to look deep within yourself and to dismantle your own limiting walls, just have the strength to do it.

With love,

Moving House as a Cleansing

For the past couple of weeks my husband and I have been packing up our entire lives and stacking them in the room upstairs preparing for the move. As much as I hate the moving process and oh how I do, this is the first time I have packed up an entire home to move on to something else. Sure I packed up my room, my dorm room at school, I’ve done that countless times but this whole process can get overwhelming if you let it.

You soon come to realize, unless you’re an organizing fanatic, you have a lot of shit. And it is just that, shit. I was getting so annoyed at all the things we threw here and there while justifying that we MAY need that later because of this or that but in reality it hasn’t been touched since last year’s Spring Cleaning. That’s when I realized something else: Spring.

We’re cleansing and moving to a better place during the most cleansing time of the year. I had been looking at this all wrong. All these garbage bags of unless papers are not a hindrance but a Spring Cleansing overhaul. After that feeling took hold I looked at each garbage bag full of junk as a cleansing for our new home. Every bag I was able to fill after that felt like a weight being taken from my shoulders and I actually began to enjoy the whole packing process.

So if you haven’t already you should make your Spring Cleansing happen. Maybe get the kids involved? Tell them each bag they gather they get a tally towards a prize. You’ll be amazed how quickly they will admit to not using things or not really wanting them instead of dragging their feet and sobbing their undying love toward each thing. There’s nothing wrong with using little bribes trust me, we’ve gone through quite a few ice cream bars this past week.

Must be off now, packing to do!


Card of June: Four of Pentacles

By: Hawk RunningWater

      Good morning my fellow Witchlings! I have just gotten up from a nice lay in and I wanted to share with you what card has spoken to me for the month of June.  And as you can see it is the four of pentacles. 

The Four of Pentacles

The Four of Pentacles

Four of Pentacles theme: Balance

The pentacle suit refers to Earth, Health, Stability, Roots, and Finances while the four represents balance and symmetry.

To dive a little deeper, this card asks us to not squander your cash but not hoard it either and to remember balance is key to mastering the lovely realm of finances. Spend but also save is the message from this card. Don’t go overboard on either end of the spectrum. It also hints towards a better financial situation ahead.

However, this card also teaches us to let go. The man on the card is holding a coin in every way possible. He won’t let them out of his sight and soon this obsession will overwhelm him if he doesn’t catch it. Is there something in your life that you just can’t let go of? What do you obsess over that is in the past? Or, better yet, what do you obsess over that you have absolutely no control over? The four of Pentacles asks us to observe all these things and strive for balance.

Balance Suggestions:
-Make time for work and play (your inner child needs satiating too!)

-June means sunshine! Go out and just spend some time in nature to allow yourself to re-calibrate.

-Eat and drink things that cleanse your senses. This varies for everyone but mine are lemon and lime juices and pico de gallo salsa. You may laugh but making time for yummy things that refresh you will make it easier to relax and not let the daily grind get you down.

-Schedule some time for your favorite, relaxing magical activity. This could be meditation, communicating with your patrons, or making something artsy for your altar. Whatever it is do it!

***Don’t panic, the daily worries and habits will fit in so make time for you and strive for balance outside and in!***

Quick & Easy Cleansing Technique

I am all about things that save time and have a personal touch that you can’t learn from a book to include in your practice. After hearing about something similar from a friend, I adapted this method into a personal cleansing ritual that I think more Witches need to try.

Now I am sure you are familiar with the elemental cleansing of items where you have something representing each element on your altar and you drag the item through each representation. I have run into issues with this type of cleansing from the beginning of my practice. What if it’s a book and you don’t want to sprinkle even the tiniest bit of water on it? And you obviously can’t drag it through a flame. What if you personally can’t stand the smell of sage or are allergic to it? There goes your house blessing. I found other alternatives when I needed to but this one stole my fancy right away.

The cleansing I am going to introduce to you is one where you use your own energy to remove negative energies, past energies, whatever they may be, out of an object. I have yet to try this on a room or home but the application would be very interesting!

If you are not accustomed to working with energies very much, it is very similar to casting a circle but instead of it only being temporary it is a complete removal of outside energies and putting your energy onto it as a marker. It will be yours then and you will simply have to do smaller rituals of the type to clean it up every once in a while.

Step 1: Put your hands into a comfortable position together and imagine energy flowing through them. You can be holding the object you wish to bless or have your hands over it, that is up to you. I put my index fingers and thumbs together from each hand and form a triangle-like shape over the object but this is simply an example for you.

Step 2: Clear your mind and feel the energy moving through your hands to the object and filling it with your energy. I visualized burning my energy into it but again, that is just an example.

Step 3: Time will vary with each object but once you feel no other trace of foreign energy in your object you can stop and do it again at a later time if you get the feeling to so.

This type of cleansing requires a lot of trust and intuition so if you are not strong in these areas, this type of cleansing may not be for you and that is fine.

I’m just here to give you options!


2014: The year of Growth and Expansion & Strength Pathworking

I  was so nervous about 2014. Everyone is always like New Year, New Me but I actually wanted to live it. I drew my tarot card for the year which sums up what attribute I will have to draw on the most this year or what card I will have to work with to better myself or a mesh of both. I drew Strength and I knew HUGE change was in the works.

So I grabbed a hold of 2014 with both hands and dove right in. I opened up my tarot etsy shop and ignored all of my negative self-doubt. I started working with my new matron, Sekhmet. And then started my new hobby of archery all within 2 weeks of January.

I wanted to live my practice. Live my spirituality. Live by my tarot and it’s wisdom. I guess this year could be the year of practice what I preach and not holding back. I wanted to embody my card of the year, see what adventures would spring up along my path, and share what I learned from the card along the way.

Well here is your first installment! To new year’s resolutions and the blessing of fresh beginnings!

My Card of 2014

My Card of 2014

My Journey with Strength thus far:

-Masculine Energy Card: Go, go, go energy & taking risks.
-Fire Elemental Connections
-Uniting of Self & masculine and feminine energies working together although it has a more          masculine oomph to me.
-I consider it closely related to the Fool in that in takes that initial leap of faith and letting go to truly embrace the full message of the card. Although it is not as naive as the Fool can be at times.
-It is a true confidence building and healing card. If you embody this card full on, it can be very helpful in a healing practice.
-Trust is a HUGE part of working with this card as you are diving into the unknown like I mentioned before with the leap of faith. You also have to maintain this trust for a length of time not just to see if you make the leap or not. You have to endure alongside this card.

Refrigerator Transformation

I know I have been gone for awhile but that is not to say it has been boring. I’m working on developing an e-course to run in January, maintaining my art group and giving them creative projects, coaching, and some personal shadow work to promote my own healing in the winter months. I have decided to take a step back and really focus on my personal development at the moment and let everything fall into place as it wants and thus far it has really paid off.

Everyone has a different shadow work process and mine was sitting face to face with my shadow and analyzing it. Where had it come from? What were its drives? What were its messages? And finding the core of why I created my shadow self in the first place. As many of you already know, I can be quite the negative nancy and I always attributed this as something that was bad about myself. I felt that I was weaker than my shiny, bright, always happy friends and acquaintances who could smile in the face of a natural disaster. My shadow was this negative talker but from my work I finally realize that it has stemmed from my childhood but with a much more loving and caring aim; protection.

I will not go into detail but I was abused throughout my childhood into my teens and deep down I felt that I had somehow drawn this attention and abuse to me through my cheery, happy, childhood attitude so I squashed it. I did so with the hopes of killing off this inner light and going from unwanted attention to no attention at all. As the abuse ended and I grew, my shadow also protected me in the only way it knew from taking risks that I also though may hurt me.  I was a good kid to the point that it even annoyed me. True, this shadow protected me from any drug use or things of that nature but it also stunted my own will to conform with what my family thought I should do to keep me safe and happy. And believe it or not I realized all of this not in a meditation, not in journaling, but from simply opening the door to my refrigerator  in the kitchen. All these thoughts stumbled out and I stared, open-mouthed into the fridge holding back the tears.

I have had bouts with my depression ever since adolescence, I believe, because I had forgotten why I had created my shadow self. I had forgotten that I really only wanted to protect myself from the horrible abuse I was facing but like all unchecked shadows, I lost control.

I am also tying this lesson with the deepening of my understanding and love for tarot, yet again. I have begun to read for myself more frequently as a part of my personal healing process and a tool to help me grow spiritually. From this I have finally noticed that my deck refers to me now as the Knight of Pentacles in the process of evolving into the Queen of Pentacles where for years and years I was the Queen of Swords. From this I saw myself evolving into my natural element of Earth , discovering my roots, and finally bringing my magic into the practical and sometimes boring world and living as my authentic self.

The change I so desperately wanted was hidden inside of me the whole time. I just had to find the courage to confront what I thought would be a scary beast to find the overwhelming self-love and preservation just below the surface. Never dismiss shadow work, it may be just the thing to save you.

Love and Blessings, 

My Month of Self-Confidence Starts Today

Well I must admit this idea sort of, maybe struck me in the past 10 minutes. A friend who is in several of the same groups as me has recently written about their month challenge and I thought, “Huh, I wonder what I would do if I had to challenge myself for a month?” and self-confidence immediately popped into my head.

My Box.

My Box.

You see I tend to put myself into my own dark little box and talk myself down. Like the painting I created, there is so much life on the outside and I’m just stuck inside, spinning myself farther and farther into my box. In a way I think I use it as a safety net, I never have to take risks because I talk myself out of doing anything but lately that has changed. I was on cloud nine with no where to go but up and something happened. What, I don’t quite know, but the negativity crept in and I fell yet again; downgrading my accomplishments and letting that inner voice overwhelm me with doubt. So I just made a snap decision to build my whole November plan about boosting my self-confidence and keeping it that way.

Did I rush into this? Definitely. How will I do this? No idea. Will it be easy? Hell no. But I know it is something that I have to work on or it will consume me.

So here comes the fun part, what are your suggestions? How would you build up your confidence? This is just the start and I’m not sure where this will lead. Let the research begin!

Blessings and Love,

Samhain Lessons

My Samhain Witchy Attire

My Samhain Witchy Attire

To be honest, I’m still trying to get back into my swing of blogging and not be such a hermit but it’s been hard. I don’t like to ramble or force topics on to the page. I’m a fan of flow. That being said I still check here regularly and check out other blogs but I’m not going to force stuff out of me and have shit posts.

Now that all that is over with, my Samhain was AMAZING. I got up early (for me anyway) yesterday and decorated my house. I put on my pagan/witch attire and blared Nightmare Before Christmas and DTV’s Monster Hits for around 6 hours. I could not shake the energy. I was singing, dancing, and I even baked cookies! After eating a quick lunch, the kids began to arrive. I never thought I would enjoy handing out candy more than the trick-or-treating itself but I did. It was so fun to see all of their costumes and scary masks. At the end of the night my face hurt from smiling.

After my husband got home, dressed up, and playfully scared a few kids, we had our little ritual together. I had an Aunt and Uncle pass this year and, as my hubby can see spirits, I wanted to share this evening with him and confirm what I felt with his sight. They both paid us a visit and my Uncle hugged me during my meditation which nearly brought me to tears. If you don’t know by now, I’m from America and have lived in the U.K for over a year now and could not attend the funerals of either of them which has been eating away at me. I loved them both very much and it was so difficult to grieve without feeling like I said a proper good-bye and especially grieving alone since my husband had not known them. So I placed pictures on my altar, honored them, said my proper goodbye, and I feel like a weight has been lifted. I knew they were there and I got to feel how happy and loving they were all over again. It was such an overwhelming experience.

My husband also had visitors, his two dogs from his youth. A very cute doggy couple who trained our new puppy who used to lay by their graves, to try and eat the postman. I sadly never knew them but we talk of them often and have pictures of them around our house. They stood next to my husband and it nearly brought him to tears. This was his first proper Samhain ritual (as he does not do rituals in his own practice but I asked him to join me this year as I felt something special would happen for him) and what a first ritual it was! It was so magical to share that with one another and I felt so Blessed to be surrounded by our loved ones. We closed our ritual and laid out meals for those who had visited us and relaxed with our dinner.

My Stars & Moon Pumpkin

My Stars & Moon Pumpkin

I woke up today very exhausted but happy so I decided to see what this new year has in store for me. I held my second spirit animal guided meditation and met a beautiful Eagle. This year is already starting out beautifully and I feel so content with where I am right now, which is quite a feat for me. I plan on working with my spirit animal and seeing if I can live up to his expectations. Happy New Year everyone, I hope it is as magical for you as it has been for me.

Blessings and love!

Busy Bee!

My goodness have I been busy and I am sorry for my absence. In case you haven’t realized yet, I now have a youtube channel and technology really doesn’t agree with me so while I’m trying to learn about editing and all of that ‘fun’ stuff, my husband has been having to add all the pretty things for me. I am also starting my series of Art Projects which are being hosted at the lovely @LynThurman’s Inner Goddess Revolutions facebook group but that may change very soon 🙂

I am also working with a few people on their personal challenges be it anxiety, confidence, moving forward, etc. through art projects and creative journaling for free. I don’t want to bombard myself but I still have space if anyone would like help through creative, pagan means. And to top it all off, I have taken on my first witch student and we are starting our meetings next week so I am swamped and so very happy about it!

I am making my projects alongside the others as well and I am creating my own tarot deck (paintings, new meanings, new cards, the whole lot) and created my elemental project last week and really connected with my favorite element water. So I’ve been such a busy bee and I’m the happiest I have been in a long time. The people I am working and creating with are so inspiring and I love to watch them grow and move down their path and noticing how they help me move on mine as well. It is so rewarding and I love every second of what I am doing throughout my day. This is such a huge step for me and I am moving forward.

I’ll being posting a page up with my project info for anyone who would like to join very soon so keep your eye out for it. If you want any info now-ish, direct message me on twitter and we’ll figure it out. I can’t wait to see where as of this leads next!

Love and Blessings to you all!

The Lessons of my new Tarot Deck

By: Hawk RunningWater

If you haven’t seen me on Twitter lately then you may have missed out on my newest magical step, I bought a new Tarot Deck. Now before you sigh and exit my blog, please understand, I have only ever owned 1 deck in my 7 years of readings so this was a huge thing for me. My cards were never just a tool, they have quite an attitude and personality and when I read it is NEVER just me. We work together to bring out the messages and have our own little ways of dropping hints to one another about various parts of the reading.

All that being said, I have never wanted to own another deck. I take divination very seriously and wanted to work solely with one deck and keep practicing to master it. Looking back it may have been silly and a bit stubborn but I was content and happy and safe and all that jazz. I would look into other decks sure, but I just couldn’t take them seriously (as much as I love unicorns I just can’t see them on tarot cards but that’s just me) and so while I have started to read more and more and practice magic as avidly as ever, I have blogged more and met some fantastic new magical people.

In an email with one of these lovelies, Miss Karen Sealey (@pbtarot) who is an absolute Tarot genius, I voiced my issues as a reader with only one deck (which is more rare than I initially imagined.) A few days after this discussion, I found a new deck and purchased it on the spot. And if you’re anything like me, you like to pick up your newly found awesome thing and carry it around for awhile before making that decision to buy.  Nope. Grab-counter-money-new deck. The connection was that fast and I absolutely NEEDED this deck. And while this deck is a completely new system to what I was reading before, I’m throwing myself at it and practicing away and loving every second.

I’m all about sharing craft lessons and sharing my WOW moments with you so here they are.

The truth is we all get comfortable and think, wow, that’s it and how it will be. That’s that. And then something will shift and your practice will change. That’s the nature of the craft, it is never truly dormant but every time it slows down, we nuzzle down and get cozy and the finality line of thinking erupts again. It’s a cycle and it’s one I love. I know that as soon as I think that there’s nothing more in store, something will awaken and inspire me to learn and practice again.

I also love the timing of it all. Just when I thought well, that’s that, and said it to a friend, the universe sent me a message. It listens. It’s a living, breathing, conscious thing and it does hear us even when we don’t even hear ourselves.

And last but not least, a witch who says they have learned it all and that there is nothing left to learn, is not witch at all. Everything is shifting, constantly moving, we can never master everything completely. Sure we may get ‘good’ so to speak but we will never be finished. And that, my friends, is the most beautiful, inspiring thing of all.

Mabon Plans

Well Mabon is almost here and that means it’s time to start planning a ritual!  Each Sabbat comes with a certain feel and theme of what you’re going through around that time of the year so it is very important if you create a plan, don’t be afraid to stray from it if you have the desire to do so. 

Public Service Announcement out of the way, here is a rough idea of what I’m wanting to do this Mabon. 

1. I’m going through a bit of a creativity surge and because of this, I want to get a little artsy for Mabon and create a few different things including a painting or two and a leaf mask courtesy of the Soul Path magazine produced by @LynThurman. 

2. This is also the element of Water’s time of the year (my favorite element too!) so I want to also incorporate that more than the other elements on my altar to pay a bit of a tribute…ahhh why not, maybe a painting for it too if I get the inspiration. 

3. I plan on blessing and thanking our little flower garden as well and leaving an offering of milk and/or honey there as an offering for the God and Goddess. 

4. I also want to have my Book of Shadows transfers finished by this time. 

5. I’ve been studying alchemy over the past month and I would like to see if I can convey that in my ritual and/or altar somehow, so I have some studying to do. 

6. The altar needs decorating! One of my favorite parts! So this calls for a trip to the woods to gather leaves and sticks. 

7. Divination time! Samhain is not the only Sabbat to practice some divination on and I make sure to include some kind of reading work every Sabbat. 

8. This Mabon is on September 22nd which is also my mother’s birthday. Any suggestion as to how I can incorporate that into my ritual? More research to do! 

9. Giving thanks to the God and Goddess and all of the elements for yet another successful harvest in both the fields and in growing more in life and in practice. 

This is just a rough outline but it always helps to just get an idea of what each Sabbat means to you and what you may want to do to honor and to celebrate these special days.  So, do tell, what are your plans this Mabon? 

Soul Path Magazine Review

By: Hawk RunningWater

Soul Path Magazine is a confidence boosting page turner!

Although this is only the first issue of Soul Path, it has nothing but good things in store for it’s readers. I have recently gone through all of my spiritual magazines laying around and tearing out articles that I enjoyed and throwing the rest away. Well, I’m afraid that is not possible in this case, all 58 pages have valuable knowledge delivered with a side of heart. 

I could not get over the energy that each article delivered across the various subjects which typically hold no interest to me like gardening or beauty tips that kept me entertained while also experiencing the lessons alongside the authors. Accompanied with gorgeous artwork and photography, each page is accented perfectly to enhance the articles and keep the readers attention.

The magazine also brooches topics in very unique ways. In the mood for a virgin Mojito this next Mabon? Yep, they have that. This issue also carried several articles across the board that the reader could interact with from creating incense to various drink and food recipes to try. This is just a personal preference, but I cannot stand the makeup section in most spiritual magazines. I don’t care if it’s made eco-friendly and all that crap, that is not the message that should be sent into the community. We are the gorgeous, wild children and Soul Path nailed that as well, suggesting flowers in your hair or watching a flower bloom and feeling that beautiful energy wash over you. Well they just won me over with that.

They also had a few tarot spreads for our fellow divination practitioners out there. Now don’t roll your eyes just yet. I read tarot myself and I ALWAYS skip the tarot spread section in magazines. They are typically very generic and just make my head hurt reading them but not here. Brace yourself, I actually used this spread. Yes you read that correctly, I used it.

The magazine itself felt like an experience. It wasn’t just skipping or leafing through the pages, it was a confidence boosting, visualization jaunt that I have never felt before from a publication such as this. I believe Soul Path has set the new standard in overall feel, presentation, and content for all spiritual magazines out there and I have no doubt that it will only continue to raise the bar.

If you would like to take a look for yourself click here:
Or if you are interested in writing for them contact the lovely Lyn Thurman on the same page and see if she has a spot for you!

Matlock Hares: Ursula’s Advice Review

By: Hawk RunningWater

Not only a story but so much more! 

My copy of Ursula’s Advice, courtesy of @MatlockHare, arrived in the post this morning and, while it wasn’t the longest of pieces (and oh I wish it was!), I didn’t put it down until it was finished. 

When I initially sent off for it, I didn’t imagine that, as a Witch, I would actually learn quite a bit from it and respect it not only for the beautiful approach it took but also in it’s explanation of solving not so simple problems, in simple ways.  The story and advice is given by our favorite Arctic-Hare Witch, Ursula, and what a magical hare she is! She dishes out advice not only for witchy issues but also for everyday problems that people of all ages face.

I won’t give away anymore details because if it sounds appealing to you thus far, buy it. It is very much worth every penny and will speak to your heart and also to the heart of your children.

As a pagan, it is hard to determine what you want to teach your future children about the path and how to explain such complex ideas correctly and make it appealing to them. Well I have finally found a tool to do just that.

I don’t know if the authors are pagan or not but either way, they hit the nail on the head and found themselves a true fan for life.

Black Magic vs. White Magic

By: Hawk RunningWater 

I’ve gotten back into tweeting recently and as I have been scoping twitter out for some new people to follow I have started to see a trend that really annoys me as a witch, this whole black magic and white magic thing. Okay, I’ll state this as simply as I can, THERE IS NO SUCH THING. These categories do not exist and that’s because the universe is not that way. There is no true light just as there is no true dark, we are a mixture of both just like the universe.

Now I understand the appeal of labeling how you cast or how you yourself are a ‘White Witch’ which to an early practitioner, would give you some sort of status but for those of us who have been at the party for awhile, it just looks a bit silly. Or maybe I’m wrong! Maybe it is just a simpler way to convey that ‘Hey, I don’t curse people and you’re ‘safe’ with me!’ well that’s still not appropriate to me. With great power comes great responsibility and yes while you may never curse someone or send negative energy (which I never have), we have all been tempted and had to cross that bridge when we came to it but that doesn’t mean it was easy. And you never see anybody running around with the label ‘Black Witch’ do you? Well of course not, we are already labelled as that from the outside and battle this ‘title’ every day and you running around with a little ‘White witch’ symbol by your name doesn’t help. It only sets us back because then people assume that there are these evil witches with huge noses, warts, and black nails running around wreaking havoc.  Not to mention, everything you cast can be construed for either side, it only depends on the perspective.

For example, casting a spell to help someone who is sick could be seen as ‘Black magic.’ You are interfering with nature and what the universe is doing and that is not your place. You could also prolong the suffering of the client with your treatment. Whereas most would view this as a ‘White magic’ practice, it can be seen as dark. Or, as another example, someone has sent a curse to you and you are deflecting that magic and sending it back, well you’ll hurt the person on the other side so isn’t that ‘Black Magic’ although it was only meant to be self-preservation? What about the original sender? What if they sent it to a murderer who took someone the cared for away from them? Some would see this as a good thing whereas others would still say no, that murderer is a person too. It is a never ending, vicious cycle that simply proves that so-called ‘good’ and ‘evil’ are only a matter of how you look at it.

And just for clarification, I’m not saying the people who have labelled themselves as such are terrible people either but I don’t think they have thought their decision through. I heal others through energy healing and herbal packets. I also bless houses and give advice by reading tarot but I refuse to label myself as a ‘White Witch’ because I and those who I practice for and with know that I have nothing but positive intention for my path and if you need a label stating that for the first people who meet you, maybe that’s your own insecurity showing.

I hope this trend fades and fast, we already have a hard enough battle going on with this evil witch thing from others, the last thing we need is this ‘White Witch’ title fueling the fire.

Where the hell is Hawk?

Swift and  our on beautiful wedding day.

Swift and I  on our beautiful wedding day.

Well hello again my friends! I have been quite a busy little bee. After Swift and I’s wedding, our on stage performance, and some family drama (which, trust me, I have now put an end to) I am back to my normal self and am here to harass you all once again. I have been taking my practice out in the world more by reading Tarot and casting spells for others and am reading avidly again to learn how I can help others even more.  But please don’t assume this has been easy.

I am going through quite a change at the moment. My abilities (seeing spirits) is going through a shift you could say and I don’t know how long it will be before it’s back to normal. This path, however, is a constant flux so although it may annoy me beyond all reason to be in a sort of limbo, it comes with the territory so all I can do is keep trying and see what happens next.

I have also started a proper book of shadows and am adding to that as often as I can to add that magical spark to my day. I am also working hard to get Swift on the ball and make sure he is studying up on his abilities  because, honestly, the natural gift will only get you so far. I can already tell he feels less overwhelmed and is making progress at his own pace and I am very thankful.

In the current works in also some studying into my academic field of writing, outlining a novel plan, and adding more fun things to my witch room.

Hope you all are doing well and I promise to be more active on the blog once again.

Love and Blessings,

Getting My Witch Space

Now I have said for a long time that however you have to practice, do it. If that means hiding it, if that means having a table in the corner to practice you do what you have to do. I still stand by this statement but I would like to make a slight adjustment, do what you have to do but in time, you will have to grow. And that is what I just did yesterday, I grew.

I have been practicing on a little table in my living room ever since I moved to the U.K since that is what I did in the U.S. Granted before it was in my bedroom but that really didn’t matter, I stayed in my corner, cast, and then went on my merry way. Lately, however, this has not been enough. I have not been paying as much attention to my path, which we are all guilty of from time to time, and was sort of in witch limbo. I read cards here and there but I just wasn’t feeling it and then the other day, I discovered why.

Swift, my husband, and I have a relative staying with us whom we do not get along with but due to love and all that family tolerance bullshit that comes with it, we were just letting it all slide up until a couple of weeks ago. I got into an argument with this person who then said they no longer wanted to stay with us due to my rules which were clean up after yourself, and help clean that which you contribute to like taking out the garbage or occasionally doing dishes, just all around respecting the house. Rough rules right? Anyway, after I didn’t beg them to stay, which they expected I would, they slowly started packing up their stuff. And, boys and girls, a weight was lifted off my shoulders. The aura of the house changed and for the first time in I cannot tell you how long, I was actually home. And then I felt my witch side kick in.

With the moving of this person’s stuff out of our spare room, I now had a virtually empty place to make my own. I decorated, gathered my witchy tools, books,  journals, and art supplies and put them into my new witch room/creative space. And my what a change! I am helping craft spells for others again, lining up more readings and have even buckled down and started writing out all of our wedding Thank You cards in my space because I was INSPIRED to. That’s right. My new space has given me the freedom to express my crazy little witchy self however I want with doors opened or closed and, in doing so, I opened up my door to inspiration.

What the path has shown me time and time again is that we are constantly changing as witches and as people in our craft. It was time for me to change and so I moved to the next level. Do not be afraid to take that next step to adjust your practice to what you need and want it to be. We are constantly evolving and that is totally normal.

Blessings and Love,
Hawk RunningWater 

My First Reading

I have recently discovered an alternative, pagan shop close by! Needless to say I was basically doing back flips and buying all of their stuff but moving on. After one visit to the lovely shop I added them on Facebook and started scoping out their events. I saw that they were holding Witch Runic Card Readings and something told me to go. Now I have never received a reading from anyone else for quite a few reasons.

1. The shops I always went to before never connected with their customers on a personal level that made me trust them.
2. They seemed stuck up, fake, and just jumping into the whole process of reading for the money.
3. Why pay for something that I could do myself?

But now here I was responding and making an appointment and oh! how happy I am that I did! I had 3 key things weighing on my mind and as instructed I visualized these issues and then the reading began. My this woman had a gift! Everything was spot on and she was so friendly and willing to give advice aside from just the reading that made the experience beyond wonderful. I have decided that I’m going to get more into my tarot cards and spice up my reading techniques based on her caring method.

This post while is may seem boring simply solidifies the fact for me that you need to listen to the universe, your intuition  your gut, whatever when it speaks to you! It it the happiest and surest way to find your path in this life.

Sending love and blessings to you all! I’m going to enjoy this moment and relax and meditate more on the experience and the messages conveyed during the reading (which were all positive by the way!)

Love always!
Hawk RunningWater 

How-To: Practice on the Cheap

By: Hawk RunningWater

I noticed someone search this topic on the blog so I thought, why not answer? Now just to start off, it doesn’t make you any less of a Witch  to practice on a budget, we’re all struggling so if people look down on you for having to watch how much you spend on your supplies, they can piss off. Being a Witch is not about flashy supplies and shiny cauldrons, it’s about your dedication to your practice and how you use it.

Now that my little speech is over I’ll list some different ways to still get the same out of your practice without breaking the bank.

1. Dollar Stores!– You may laugh to yourself but I have found some of my best supplies from a dollar store. Do you need a pretty chalice? Check. Herbs? Check. Book of Shadows? Check. Candles? Check. They have almost everything you need that can look nice but not cost an arm and a leg. It is especially handy if you are just starting out and you don’t have a metaphysical shop nearby.

2. The Internet!– Everyone always wants that first Witch book as soon as they decide that this is their path, however, some shops may not be so welcoming where you live and they decide not to carry such merchandise. Now granted, not all of the internet provides the best info but if you actually put time into your research and speak to other practitioners, you will get an answer someone. Just don’t be too nervous to speak to others. And check out the library, they may have some books on the subject that will surprise you.

3. Wands &  Herbs-Go outside. Seriously. Google has enough pictures and descriptions for you to pick your own herbs in some nearby woods and the best wand you can ever have is not one that is bought. By finding it in the forest, it will have more of a natural energy and it will end up having a better relationship with you if you find it yourself. And nothing beats the natural wand!

4. Reuse- On multiple occasions, I have reused candles, for example, although some say candles only have one use. Pshhh. I have never had any issue reusing a candle and actually find the energy more welcoming because we have worked together before. Now as for herbs, I tend to use smaller amounts to make them last and always give them back to the Earth after I use them. I don’t suggest reusing those.

5. Intuition-If you see a bowl in a shop and it speaks to you, you keep going back over and over and simply can’t get it out of your mind. Listen to it. That is found half of my starter supplies. It is always best to have that feeling about your supplies though. Don’t buy something if you don’t feel a connection to it.

6. What You Already Have- Do you have a favorite wine glass? Some jewelry with real gems? Use them! But do not make this decision lightly, once it’s in your magical supplies, keep it there. It has a purpose greater than wine now so don’t take it out for a dinner party, it’s almost insulting.

7. Book of Shadows-My book of shadows is in a purple binder and it still works just as well. You don’t need that expensive, leather bound Novel just yet so don’t think it’s required. Remember, it’s not about what you have but how you use it.

8. Patrons- If you can’t get your supplies right away but you need to get some spellwork done, speak to your Gods and also ask the elements for their assistance. As long as it isn’t a selfish request and you are respectful, you will get the help you need. But don’t just ask and run, spend time with them, talk to them and get to know one another. That is more important than any of the supplies you could own, the relationship with your patrons and the elements.

This is all I can think of right now but if you have any more ideas, let me know and I’ll gladly add them the list. I hope this helps and if you ever want to ask me anything directly you can email me at . I will give you the best answer I can.

Blessings & Love!

Spring Adventures

Well everyone I have been quite busy planning a wedding for the past few weeks so sorry for the sparse posts but Spring energy is just so powerful and inspiring that I am trying to get as much done during this season as possible. But you know I couldn’t stay away from you all for long so I wanted to just give you a little bit of advice for around this time.

If you haven’t noticed it’s Spring and that means starting new things and waking up from your winter woes but I have also noticed something else has arrived with the budding blooms, more nature messages. From a flower petal to the Sun’s rays I have felt the Goddess and heard her words despite my busy schedule and I hope you all have too for this is the time where, as a woman, I feel a tremendous connection to my surroundings and cannot stop looking to the trees and flowers with a certain awe.

Today during a walk with Swift (my dreamy Fiancé) I heard her calling on the wind. I felt such a surge of home, peace, and her wise words of, “Let it all go and live.” Because although I love this season and make sure to spend as much time in it as I can, I have been quite a stressed little witch as of late. Planning a wedding is not as simple as it sounds with so many people with their own ideas and energies around you wanting to ‘help’ and it can get quite overwhelming if you don’t draw the line somewhere. Lesson learned. So I’m letting these worries slip away and doing my best at just living as happy as I can and keeping my practice at the forefront of my life.

The moral of this little post darlings honestly is just to pay attention to what’s around you and what your own attitude is at this time. Life is about living so make sure that is what you’re doing!

Blessing & Love Always!

Sex Rituals-The Do’s & Don’ts

By: Hawk RunningWater 

What is a Sex Ritual? 

A sex ritual is a ritual that you hold with a partner, in which you both agree to allow your energies from sex to work toward a certain spellwork or common goal. These energies are from the love that you feel toward one another as well as the emotions and feelings from the act itself.

The Do’s and Don’ts!

If you feel comfortable with this idea and want to give this ritual a try, here are the basics:

Make sure your partner knows what they are participating in. It is quite a violation if they don’t know and you take their energy without their consent. The partners knowledge of the spellwork ahead will also make it stronger.

-Don’t try this with someone you have only been with for a few months. This is a serious act and should be dealt with as such. I won’t say you have to be married or even mutually exclusive because that is not how everyone lives but make sure it is with someone who you have been in a romantic relationship with for a long time (we’re talking years here.)

-If you aren’t sure, don’t and the same goes with your partner. Some people are not comfortable with this idea and that is perfectly fine whereas some just aren’t ready. Either way, be respectful of that, after all, you can just do a normal ritual together instead.

-Don’t do this all the time! Sex is an enjoyable act with your partner and if every time you’re working towards a goal it will start to feel just like that, WORK. It will then start to harm you as a couple and completely ruin the spellwork anyway.

-It also helps if your partner is a fellow practitioner, however, if they know what they are participating in and support the idea then it doesn’t matter if they practice or not. It is just a bonus.

-Remember the basics of casting still apply! Cast your circle, state your intent, and add all the other things you may want (herbs, candles, gems, etc.) They don’t necessarily have to be a part of the act as long as they are in the same room.

These are the very basic of rules here that I think everyone should abide by if they want to try this type of ritual. If you do, great! If you don’t, great! It doesn’t make you more or less of a witch either way. I hope this helps guide you on your paths! Blessings!

The Fox News Blowout

Last week on the program Fox with Friends they decided to go for the jugular of a new group: Pagans, Wiccans, & Witches. I will not repeat what they said because I’ll feel tainted afterwards but I will say this, I am proud to be a part of this community.

To be frank, this is the only place where I have truly felt loved, accepted, and at home but I knew, as I’m sure you all did, that we would get on that hateful Fox radar sooner or later. Now, this had sparked up our community all across the globe and I think we responded with dignity and honor in the face of these ignorant bigots. We were not hateful, we did not stoop to their level, we responded with the facts, petitions, and spread the world to every practitioner we know and we have come out on top.

Although one of the Anchors posted a somewhat, sort of, apology on his twitter, I was not amused nor will I be when I watch today’s Fox with Friends episode where it is rumored that they are making a public apology but, in truth, an apology is not what I wanted. I do not care what they think of me or my path. I do not care that they will never see the beautiful, graceful Goddess or our strong, handsome God.  What I care the most about is the fact that we were not silent. We carried ourselves confidently to their front door and showed them the truth and showed the whole world that we are our there, we do exist, and although some, if not most, of us practice in secret, we are, by far, no longer a minority.

As I was writing this, I looked to the categories that I have and tried to select which one I would choose for this post. It took me a little while but I decided Witch Responsibilities and I’ll tell you why. For too long now our community has been mocked, bullied, and spat upon by thousands of people and we have stood by for one reason or another and let it go on. It is true that some fought and spoke out against such actions but many of us still hid in the shadows. The time for this has long since passed, however, and I believe we should break this silence. I believe when the next group, and there will be a next group because someone always fears what they do not understand, insults, mocks, or drags our faith through the gutter, we should respond just as we have now armed with facts, love, understanding, and our strength in numbers. It is our responsibility to show what our community truly is and what we stand for and hate and intolerance is not on that list for any set of beliefs, including our own. We are a path of love, peace, and freedom and the more times we say it, the farther it will travel and the greater public will know what paganism, wicca, and witchcraft etc. truly is. Now I am not saying I want their approval, I am quite happy without it actually, I simply want my faith to be respected. I want my fellow witches to be able to practice without fear and I want the public to know just how much they judge based on what confuses and scares them.

I love you all and I am so proud of the actions we took as a whole. If you take nothing else from this just please remember our strength and remember that you are not alone.

Blessings & Love Always,
Hawk RunningWater

The Benefits of Mixing Pantheons

From the very beginning of my practice, I knew who my patrons were: the kind-hearted Artemis and the stone-faced Anubis (he’s a bit of a cranky pants but we still love each other.) Now I had my mentor to tell me that my Gods were perfect for me and that my choices were great but what about the others who aren’t as lucky?

I have found that a lot of solitary and novice witches panic when finding their patrons and that is the worst thing you can do. The choice of who is best for you, who you feel a connection with, and your relationship with them was the most magical idea to me when I was taking my first steps on my path. That much freedom and not having to make sure if I was ‘doing it right’ made me feel so welcomed and peaceful. The truth is, my lovelies, you can really do no wrong when you pick who is best for you because only you know who that is. I highly suggest looking through the many lists that are out there, be it online or in books, on who each God and Goddess is as a person (attitudes, character, etc.) and what they do (skills, God/Goddess of ____, etc.) if you honestly have no idea who you want and see who sticks out.

I have also noticed that novices panic when they are not from the same group. Well, I have had a mix from the start and I love them dearly because:

1. They each bring something unique to the table.
2. They fit ME and I have deep connections with both of them.
3. I am not pegged into one tradition and can feel free to explore.
4. Artemis is more of a light while Anubis is dark and that mix has been very interesting and a meaningful learning experience for me along my path.
5. I followed my heart and they were the best choices for me even though they are not popular as a pair.

So that is my bit of advice for the day, follow your heart when you choose because you can’t really choose wrong and don’t follow someone else’s path. Just because your best Witchy friend follows a strictly greek pantheon doesn’t mean you have to, you should select your deities, no one else. I love my mixed, crazy pair and they have never led me astray. Lead with your heart and your intuition my friends.

Blessings & Love Always,
Hawk RunningWater 

Finding Your Mentor

Since my blog is housed in WordPress, what people search for on my site is saved and I can go back and look over what my fellow witches are in search for. Recently one of these lovely souls asked “Where would a new witch find a mentor?” This is a very good question for those who found their path on their own and want some help along the way.

Finding Your Mentor
Let me start off with, you find your mentor by connecting with someone and believing you can learn something from them and they you. At first you will think you have nothing to offer but, trust me, every novice can offer his or her opinion and help a ‘more advanced’ witch with their practice because, sweetheart, we are all learning and the learning never stops. But there is always a risk of finding a crazy one; one who doesn’t take kindly to discussion of differences in practice and believes their way if the only way. It is true their way is right, for them but every witch practices differently and there is nothing wrong with that. Basically if your gut says it feels right, research that topic a bit, and when you are comfortable, give it a try.

But this process is not something you should ever rush so don’t post an wanted ad’s or anything silly like that. It’s one of those situations when you feel someone would be a good mentor for you, you’ll just know but that doesn’t mean that every other witch you meet will be that person. Sometimes you won’t meet them for years and for others, you’ll already have someone in mind, every situation is different, and that’s what makes this path exhilarating.

What does a Mentor do?
Every mentor will teach you differently but their place is to guide you along your path, give you that boost of confidence when you need it, and introduce you to the basics of the craft sprinkled with their personal experience and advice. Some will tell you everything you need to know, while others will make you buckle down and research what you are asking help for. But the relationship should be one of mutual respect and general caring for the other. This is never supposed to be an abusive or pupil and teacher ‘You always listen to me!’ relationship so if it turns into that, get on out.

How do I ask someone to be my mentor?
This is the easiest question yet, the secret is you just ask! If they also feel that connection with you then they will say yes but some may not feel it or may not have the confidence yet to be anyone’s mentor so if they say no, don’t take it personally. You’re fabulous and will find who you are meant to find. And trust me, you will have more than one throughout your life so expect to meet a couple.

I hope this helps all of you and if you have anymore questions, you have but to ask!

Blessings & Love,
Hawk RunningWater

A must read for the Ladies!



Okay Ladies, during one of my countless hours of online window shopping, I spotted this gem and it arrived yesterday. I am only on chapter 2 but it has been a transforming read thus far and if you are trying to find and unleash your inner Wild Woman, you must check this out.

The main driving force in this book is to view the issues and repression of women from  a psychological standpoint but it is quite easy to understand if you are like me and don’t have a background in that area. The second point is to find ways to bring out your own wild woman through literary analysis of texts she has provided where women are ‘wild’ or how she has so eloquently put it:

“…She is the Life/Death/Life force, she is the incubator. She is intuition, she is a far-seer, she is a deep listener, she is loyal heart. She encourages humans to remain multi-lingual: fluent in the languages of dreams, passion, and poetry.”

But do not worry, she has many definitions of Wild Woman and you will surely find the one that speaks to you. I highly recommend this  book if you want to explore your deep spiritual self,  to reconnect with your deepest psychic abilities, or if you find something missing in your life but you just can’t say what it is. And I mean Maya Angelou recommends this book that’s how amazing it is.

I urge all women to give this book a chance and find that inner Wild Woman we all so desperately want to find.

Blessings & Love,
Hawk RunningWater

What an Imbolc!

What energy this Sabbat brothers and sisters! This has been the most calming one yet and I couldn’t have been happier with the results!

I started off the decorating my altar with my Goddess painting and my Sabbat tarot draw. I asked my deck to show me the card which will represent this upcoming year and pulled the 9 of Cups a.k.a The Wish Card (It symbolizes getting everything you wish for so I was ecstatic) and then lit my 4 white tea-light ‘goal’candles which stood for the 4 things I really want to achieve this year and a big red one to honor this Sabbat and stand for fire since this is a fire festival. I also included every cleansing gem I have (trust me I needed them!) and a walnut to symbolize the growth in spring. Now to the ritual!

I popped in and said hello to the God and Goddess and then gathered up some sage incense and smudged the house. It desperately needed  it and I immediately noticed a difference. The atmosphere is so much lighter than before.

After a nice chat asking for some help with my goals this year and meeting the lovely Bridghid, I held some pendulum divination and asked some pretty big questions. Well, my friends, this will be quite a busy but blessed year for Swift & I and that is your only clue! 🙂 The God and Goddess were in high spirits and we just talked for the rest of the ritual.

The only thing left to do is give my puppy dog some milk later on when he’s done napping and write a poem tomorrow about my Imbolc experience. I hope you all had a blessed Imbolc as well and please feel free to share your ritual experience in the comments below.

Blessings and Love Always!
Hawk RunningWater

Imbolc Plans 2013

Imbolc is almost here and I am so very excited! I’m starting to make plans for my ritual, gather all of my supplies, and paint my witchy bum off. Ok, ok, I know it may have been overwhelming on my twitter but I just can’t stop painting lately. With this in mind, I have tried to push my painting toward Imbolc related themes. So my altar will be quite colorful this Imbolc!

Since this is a Goddess-centered holiday, I have a painting dedicated to her and also several different nature themes because it’s time for the Earth to start slowly but surely waking up (it’s honestly just way too damn cold, so I’m quite the happy girl.)

Alright, I will hold the suspense no longer here is the plan:

Imbolc 2013

1. Candles– (Red and White) to honor the Sun’s beautiful return

2. Deities– I plan on honoring my patrons, Anubis & Artemis, as usual but I’m going to include Brigid as well and see how we click. Although I think she is the one responsible for all this creativity.

3. Smudging-I feel this as a time of spiritual change for me and I want to honor that but smudging my house and getting a fresh start.

4. Book of Shadows-To go with the spring cleaning feeling, I MAY gather all of notes and put them into my book of shadows. This will be quite the project!

5. Cooking– You caught me in a crazy moment but I am also in a baking mood so I would like to look through some recipes (my Fiance is quite picky) and see what we can afford to make for the holiday.

6. Creation– Be it a poem or another painting, I want to create something with all of that wonderful energy surrounding me.

7. Quality Time-I also want to to just spend time with my Fiance and have a nice cuddle with a cup of coffee.

It’s a small ritual but it makes my heart happy so this is what I’m going to do. I already feel the energy stirring and I think this is going to be a very special sabbat for us all. I wish you a very happy and blessed sabbat and please feel free to comment and tell me all about your plans!

Love & Blessings Always!
Hawk RunningWater

My Blessed Yule Season

If you all haven’t noticed I’ve been a bit M.I.A for awhile. I will confess that sometimes I get a bit sad and turn into a depressed hermit but after some reflection and one hell of a wake up call from Yule, I’m back. To be frank, I have had bouts with depression on and off for 7 years now. Some people have shitty immune systems well I have a negative nancy brain that will grab the reigns and steer me to the worst thoughts and feelings that I can muster. Granted I am a million, no scratch that, a billion times better than what I once was, I still may stumble from time to time but I always pride myself in getting back up. I have no shame in my battle with it hence why I thought I would make it public, I am only ashamed that it can sometimes hurt those I care about because I isolate myself in my wacky thoughts.

All that being said this time I thought, wait a sec, let’s handle this a bit differently and instead of writing a poem akin to Sylvia Plath (may her beautiful soul rest) I decided to sit down and take a long look at myself. Honestly, I stayed sad for my usual time length of about 2 weeks but I came out feeling stronger which hasn’t happened since I was about 14. And it happened, go figure, on the night of Yule. It wasn’t really a monumental shift but it just happened. When Swift, my lovely Fiance, came home from work there was simply no trace of it left. Typically I have a few cranky thoughts running about that I ignore but not this time around. Shocked but not asking questions, I went to sleep happy for the first time in way too long.

I awoke today to find out some very important financial news for Swift and I and discovered that we could successfully pay all of our bills and eat (awwwww yeahhhhh) until he gets he new job at the beginning of next month. There is no such thing as coincidence and the fact that all of this happened the day after Yule was a sign, and a big one. Things are going to be looking up Hawk is basically what this message screamed and the Gods smile as I say this. I feel so relieved and thankful that, honestly, I have no reason to wallow in sadness any longer. However,I don’t think this happened on it’s own.

I have been doing a Yule poetry ritual for the past month in thanks and respect to the God and Goddess, forcing myself to write positively when I was sad, and making myself put why I truly love the craft into words and it felt great. From this effort and month long spell casting, my patrons answered my call for some relief and good to happen. The more I practice, the more I discover love, understanding, and aid from my craft. I am constantly blessed and also learning in my journey. I am so very thankful and will remember this magical Yule season for years to come.

Blessings and Love Always!

The Messages in Dreams

By: Hawk RunningWater 

The other night I had a very intense dream about a spirit. Typically when I have dreams of this sort, I know they are not real but are simply a by-product of that scary movie I just watched (they’re awesome okay? I just can’t help it!) but this was a different scenario.  I am very spiritually sensitive and have been for as long as I can remember. My strength used to be in seeing them but now it is more feeling and hearing. I truly believe this change occurred because before I really understood my path, seeing them terrified me but that is for another post.

Basically in the dream I was back at my elementary school (ages 6-10) but at the age I am now inside of the gym. I was there with a group of people I didn’t know and I can’t remember their faces but something shifted. There was a negative entity present who was quite an unhappy camper. Now when I deal with spirits who are cranky and just want to scare or hurt others I call upon Freyja, who makes me cocky as hell and gives me the strength to banish them and keep them out, and Anubis who ushers them to their next point in the spiritual world and protects me in the process. As a team we are quite strong and I have yet to have an unsuccessful banishing. But in the dream the spirit was after someone specific, it grew angry and people were running away in terror, I grabbed the person it was after and pushed them behind me and preceded to growl ferociously and then banish them.  I admit it may seem weird to some of you that I sounded like a wild animal but I also felt the strength of Freyja.

I awoke soon after and laid in bed with a ‘What the hell did I just dream’ face on and really felt that it was a premonition of sorts, a sign.  I have heard the roar of Anubis before during a banishing and believe me, you don’t get that mixed up with anything else. The strength Freyja gives is unparalleled and the feeling she provides me with also cannot get mixed up with anything else, both have an original signature when it comes to how they make you feel and both were present in my dream. I’ll be honest folks, this has never happened to me before. Yes, I have visions and speak to my Gods that way but this was a dream. So the conclusion I drew after a quick call to my patrons and some divination was that I was correct in my gut a.k.a something spiritually bad is on it’s way.

Since my dream a few cranky spirits have visited me but they were not as crazy strong and angry as this one was in my dream. So what is a Witch to do with such news? Hide in a corner and wait for the inevitable? No. You get off your butt and prepare. So in that spirit, I am in the process of blessing the house, putting up protective sigils, and getting my shield up (basically this means that I mentally prepare myself to protect and defend at any moment which although this sounds difficult and dramatic, after nearly 21 years of having this spirit ability, it’s a piece of cake. Practice, practice, practice!)

It is so beautiful to watch my abilities, practice, and communicating outlets grow from when I was a beginning Witch. It is also comforting to know that I am not alone and can protect myself with my spiritual arsenal, as well as, tools such as sigils as I mentioned before. It is important to look into anything you question as a Witch and discover what meanings could be behind it be it a dream, a reoccurring animal visitor, or certain colours. Everyday the universe communicates with us but we have to put forth the effort into hearing it. I thank the God and Goddess for warning me of this angry spirit who needs my help getting to it’s next phase. Without their aid and guidance, I may not have been prepared.

Yule Ritual

Thanks to a very dear friend of mine, I have been contemplating what I am going to do for my Yule ritual. Since I never really plan anything concrete, I wanted to step out of my zone and give organization a try! Today it struck me, well, to be honest, more like in the past ten minutes, I want to create some form of writing everyday up until Yule and then read them out over the holiday and share them with my friends. I want to focus on the positives in my life right now, get my writing fix in, and push myself to come out of my shell all while honoring the God and Goddess for what they have given me and guided me through this season.

I am also thinking of working on some art to accompany my writing but my word-smithing is my main ritual idea. I’m really excited for this and I think it will be a Yule ritual for years to come. So what are the plans of all the other lovely witches out there? Let me know!

Blessing and Love Always!

The Witch Epidemic

By:  Hawk RunningWater

As most of you know, I have been putting myself out there much more than I have in the past & have met quite a few more Witches as a result and because of this I have noticed an epidemic spreading through the pagan community: Laziness. While I have very much liked every one I have met this trend is very disturbing to me. I worked very hard to grow to where I am now and the fact that some Witches are skipping over this step breaks my heart. Researching and building up your practice really builds up your confidence as a Witch especially as a beginner and while it is possible to solely learn from other Witches, it is not the best route to go. I was lucky enough to have a mentor at the start of my practice but she didn’t tell me everything I begged to know, she taught me Google is your friend and check out the library. While it drove me crazy at the time, it was very wise on her part. Through research and looking into the practices of others I connected with different ideas and incorporated them into my practice rather than simply replicating the methods of my mentor.

The craft is unique to each practitioner but if beginning Witches don’t start trying to learn for themselves, I am afraid that crafts will start to be more similar and similar and our flame of creativity will disappear. I absolutely love asking others how they practice, their beliefs, how they conduct their rituals, etc. because it gives me a glimpse into something different. This aspect makes the craft very individual rather than simply following steps written in a book and this creates the fact that 2 rituals to perform the same outcome can be completely opposite in approach. That’s what I loved at the beginning of my practice and even now, my practice is mine and yours is yours. 

I am not saying that guidance is bad or to always turn to books before everything else but mixing the two and having that balance will result in the most dynamic view of multiple practices which will give you the tools to shape your own practice. But to be frank, new Witches really need to buckle down and do the work at the beginning that we all had to do. No one can talk to your Patrons and shape those relationships for you, no one can interact with nature and animals for you, etc. so no one should be holding your hand through every step and telling how to do every single thing. The path of Witchcraft is discovery, remove that and you just have another form of organized religion.

American Witch in the UK: Adventures in Meadowhall

I finally took my first trip to Meadowhall & what wonderful witchy discoveries were made! At first I was quite annoyed and couldn’t stand the ridiculous prices for everything I picked up. £80 for a dress, sigh, £120 for boots, annoyed sigh, £75 for a sweater, Okay forget this I want to go home, now. Now, in comparison, America has expensive shops but also cheap ones located in our malls and I was going mad when I couldn’t find a single thing to buy for Yule on my very low budget or even a cheap store for that matter. I was just about to give up my Fiancee showed me the lanes, which are these adorable, cramped shops that have so many cute and Pagan related objects.

Of course by the time we made our way to this small, moderately priced chunk of the mall, we only had 45 minutes but I was in heaven! Gemstones for 75p a piece, pentacle necklaces all over, and an extremely crowded second hand shop with beautiful nature themed objects. Needless to say, I wanted to buy up everything. I love shopping areas like that and it made me feel so comfortable surrounded by shops of incense and candles again. It was quite a find to have a little gem like this in the middle of the holiday shopping chaos. It was also very magical for Swift as he purchased his first set of gems, I was so honoured to share that moment with him. It made the annoyance from before more than worth it.

The UK continues to surprise me! If you haven’t been, I suggest you go and check out the lanes of Meadowhall.

Blessings and Love!

The Most Important Ingredient

By: Hawk RunningWater

I have been putting myself and my abilities out there  more than ever before and as I have met more of kin I have noticed that there seems to be a reoccurring  problem sweeping through the craft: lack of confidence. Now I will try not to preach too much because before truly immersing myself in the craft over a year ago, I had little to no confidence in my abilities for casting in general let alone being a Witch but my life has changed drastically since then and so has my practice.

More important than your herbs, gems, tarot, runes, even your relationship with your patrons, if you question yourself or doubt your strength then it was all for nothing. I will be the first to tell you to include new elements to your practice and constantly try new things because that’s how we grow but before you can do any of that, you have to be confident to perform the basics like talking to your patrons, practicing your divination strengths, and researching your little Witchy bum off. And success in these areas comes with believing in yourself.

While you can include gems and herbs to build yourself up, the most rewarding experience, in my opinion, is when you adapt by pushing yourself to change. Although simply put it is by no means easy. If you’re like me you doubt yourself a lot and can be quite the pessimist when the world pushes you down and we, my friends, are the most difficult to change. The strongest cure I have found has been positive thinking a.k.a when something negative pops into your head, replace it by something positive that makes you happy. It’s a long and tedious process but I am living proof that if you keep at it, it will work. But that is only the beginning.

After you have applied this to your life in general, you have to apply it to your Witch life, which at the beginning of your practice will feel like two parts of the same whole and will be mentally separated. So all the time you put into casting and divination along with mundane everyday activities will have to be full of constant self-cheering because, frankly, you don’t want all of the energy and work you just put into that spell to be in vain due to one negative thought. And trust me, it can happen.

After you’ve been practicing for awhile and you are gettin your Witch on comfortably and efficiently, you’ll want to try new things. And do you see that pattern? You’ll want to branch out but feel nervous, doubt yourself, I’m happy where I am blah blah blah. So you see, positive thinking is by far the most important ingredient you will need as you move through your Witch-progression-timeline-of-life.  It may sound silly but every Witch I have met has experienced this at some point in their craft and it can take a while to build yourself back up. Just remember that you are strong and are able to step out of the norm and run along the winding path of the Gods and Goddesses before us, and that makes you one of the bravest human beings there is. With their love, you are never alone.

Blessings and Love Always!

Beyond the Casting Circle

When I found Witchcraft, I was a full-time college student busting my ass working as many as 3 jobs at one time. I was tired, seeing not-so-nice spirits on a daily basis, and just leaving a very bad relationship. Needless to say, I needed a positive change to bring me out of my depressed, zombie-like state. And along came Witchcraft, yet again, peaking my interests. I fell in Love.

Countless rituals, spells, tarot readings, and many hours of research later and here I am. I’m not a Witch in training anymore but I am constantly learning and evolving; my practice constantly changing. But more important than all of the spells you cast, all of the magical herbs you use, you have to remember what brought you here: the Love the God and Goddess gave you.

It’s very easy to get lost in the fog and forget to just pop in and tell them hello and thanks. Sometimes, it can turn into request after request after request instead of a relationship. Remember, the God and Goddess are a part of each and every one of us and in that sense they are our equals. So just taking a few minutes of meditation or simply speaking aloud should be something you do daily because without them, the simple things we cast or do as Witches would be impossible. Don’t forget about where you came from and who helps you cast, read your tarot, or energize your gems. The God and Goddess are in everything we do, this fact should always be remembered and every witch should make an effort to have a relationship with their patrons beyond the casting circle.

Blessings and Love!

American Witch in the UK–Post 3: Guy Fawkes Night

Now hopefully you all have seen V for Vendetta if not (gasp!) you must make time to at least see it once. It is by far one of my favorite films and the concept of this post derives from the holiday most celebrated in the movie: the fifth of November.  Unfortunately, if you’re not a British history buff, a V for Vendetta fanatic, or a Brit, chances are you have no idea what this day celebrates. However, what this night entails is something you are going to have to research yourself because this post is not a summary but more of a joyful revelation of a modern day pagan.

The final part of this celebration is what inspired me and made me extremely happy. At the end of the night you create your own Guy Fawkes symbol, be it a scarecrow-like figure or whatever, and place it into the fire in memory of the fateful day he died at the gallows. Although this is a terrible death, the celebration filled me with happiness. Not for the death of the man but for the respect that people continue to pay him year after year. This event is eagerly anticipated every November and the citizens of Britain light fireworks and bonfires, painting the night for a man they never even met.

If you haven’t caught it yet, this practice resembles that of a fire ritual, and the Guy Fawkes element, an ancestral thank you. It brightened my day to find that merry old England still has some paganism hanging about. And it’s just that simple, a pleasant surprise for a home sick Witch.

England continues to surprise me.

Blessings and Love Always!

American Witch in the UK—Post 2: Crossroads

Ever since I arrived in the UK a month ago I have been settling in and searching for an online job but to no avail (as of yet.) On Samhain, I conducted a few readings, one pertaining to a certain Witchy idea I have to help others while also paying the bills (and trust me, I WILL NOT be selling spells and if I do charge, which I am still debating, it will not be these ridiculous prices these other Witches are slapping on their services.) But I am apprehensive.

The cards dealt me the one and only Judgement a.k.a I have to make the call, my pendulum spun a violent yes, and the God’s told me to go ahead with my idea. Yet, I still find myself doubting which is quite unlike me. I have followed the advice of both my tools and they have never led me astray. Oh and the Gods? Anubis is annoyed that I won’t move forward and Artemis is trying to gently push me towards my goal. I can’t explain where this crossroad-like feeling is coming from and I’m not sure what lies ahead for me.

I feel as if I should just get it all set up and give it a go because I could only grow from this experience but then wait, wait, here creeps in the doubt. Not lack of confidence but pure doubt. A sixth-sense kind of doubt where I just have a bad feeling. Perhaps it’s my slightly home sick state smearing all recent ideas with just a smudge of negativity or perhaps it was the last run-in I had when I stepped out of my shell. I’m not sure and I can’t put my finger on it.  Typically my intuition is always right as well, so should I listen to the sources mentioned above or my gut?

So I am at an impasse. I have received all the yes’s, go ahead’s, and green light’s but it’s not enough. Why isn’t it? Where do I go from here? Should I give it a shot or leave it behind? Decisions, decisions. Whatever lies ahead, I know that I will be a much different Witch afterwards.

Blessings and Love Always,


Paying for Spells, Give Me a Break

By: Hawk RunningWater

While writing this blog, I have let many things slide that I have seen so as not to blast my fellow Witches but there is one thing that I just can’t stop thinking about: people are paying strangers for spells. Typically, I would let it go because of free will and choice and all of that but, honestly, I think this is beyond silly. It’s true that I have done many spells for others, probably more than what I have done for myself but I do not charge although I would love to make a living as a Witch. However, even if I chose to charge, I would NEVER accept money online from strangers for any spell, reading, or anything else magical.

In order for spells to be strong if you are casting for others you need 1. Their consent, 2. Meet them and discuss the reasons why they need this spell cast, and their energy connected with the spell. I don’t think the Witches offering these are all bad or that some aren’t capable of crafting amazing spells with what they have been given online but from what I have seen the prices these people pay for these spells do not match the time or the services provided by most of these Witches. Each spell should be for the individual in their particular situation not some run-of-the-mill generic Google search copy and paste. And a simple room blessing shouldn’t cost $50.00

Not to mention, spells are easy to do if researched correctly and who better to know what you need better than you? With a little bit of your time you can craft your spell and make sure that it suits everything that you need by the time you need it for free. You don’t need a Master’s Degree in Witchcraft in order to write a spell only self-confidence. I have been a practicing Witch for a year now and I honestly have never written down one of my spells. I firmly believe that asking for what you need with the words you have at that moment is the best spell you could ever cast even if you stumble a bit. It’s honest, raw, and true which beats any kind of rhythmic spell you spent 4 days writing. You are a human, not a Bard and taking 20 minutes to recite a poetic spell is wasting your energy and your time.

If you ever pay for a spell, which I still think is ridiculous, meet with the Witch in person. Get a feel for them and if they are sincere and know what they are doing. Anyone can post a list of 50 qualifications but you don’t really know their abilities until you are face to face (sometimes not even then but it’s better than relying on a social networking avatar.) Magic is personal and the process should be too.

Blessings and Love!

Finding Your Niche and Branching Out— The Fundamental Lesson for Every Witch

By: Hawk RunningWater

As a Witch you are constantly evolving, from 15 to 90 you are always learning something new. No one is a true craft master and that’s the truth. Every meditation, every reading, every ritual will yield something new whether you realize it or not. This is the true art of Witchcraft, this feeling of growth with each and every day but this is not to say that there won’t be things that you are just naturally good at. 

Although you may feel comfortable in your little niche, it is key to branch out and put forth a true effort into different elements of the craft. Recently, I have incorporated numerology and herbalism together while casting spells (using the number for the specific sign for whom you are casting and using that much of each selected herb) and it truly spiked the success of my spellwork. I am also a natural communicating vessel for those who have passed on as well as a protector against negative entities who try to harm others. I am quite the banisher but I have also a nack for healing and the removal of pain and sickness although it is not my true calling.

All of those techniques are ones that I have researched and taught myself so always keep in mind that some things do not require a teacher. If you open your mind to learn something new, anything is possible. It is always a remarkable feeling to tap into your natural abilities but that will, honestly, only get you so far. If you want a cookie-cutter religion where everyone practices the same way, the craft is not for you. However, this also means that some aspects may not interest you at all. Aside from the specific days of the week assigned to signs and where the moon is astrologically, I could care less about interacting with the planets. I also just can’t get the hang of a crystal ball but it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Build your practice to suit you because if you just don’t like the feel of something in your spell work, it’ll definitely show and probably in a negative way.

The best advice I can give is what my mentor told me; Research and Practice! Books are your friend or if you prefer digital try searching a bit on Google. It may sound silly but without an internet connection and a library card, I wouldn’t be half the Witch I am now. The craft is what you make it, so if you doubt yourself you will be terrible at casting and never get any better but if you learn from the bumps and try new things, even if they may seem a bit tedious at first, you will begin to feel yourself grow as a Witch and as a person. Don’t pigeonhole yourself, the craft offers a universe of possibility as long as your are brave enough to tap into it.

Blessings and Love!

Wedding Dilemmas

As I have been settling more into the UK, I have been trying to start planning my wedding to some degree even though we are not yet sure on the date. I tend to keep my blog informative while sharing my personal feelings and practices but today I am stepping out of that format a bit.

Quite frankly, I’m not from around here. I was born and raised in America so I am accustomed to that environment. Now I’ve only been in England a little over 2 weeks and I really need to start do my research but I just wanted to post a question to see if any of my fellow Witches could help me.

Now, as I mentioned before, my wedding is far off but I want to get a feel as to what my options are to be married as a Witch/Pagan. Christianity and Islam are the main faiths of the area that I live and I feel pushed into a corner when it comes to wedding ideas. I don’t want to be married in a Church of a faith of which I do not belong because 1. It’s uncomfortable for me 2. It’s an insult to that particular faith and 3. I really do want a pagan outdoorsy type of wedding. However, because of my move I do not know if pagan unions are even recognized in England, whom to contact to begin my planning, or basically anything on the topic for that matter.

I just want to know what my options are as a pagan to be married in England. If any of you have information please leave it in the comments below.

Blessings and Love to you all!

Why Special Trinkets Make Practice Even More Enjoyable

As I have delved  further into the craft, I have picked up a few trinkets that I can’t seem to let go of. One being an Ankh necklace which is usually described as the Egyptian cross. The next is a plain pentacle necklace that my sister bought for me after I told her I was becoming a Witch. The last trinket is a hematite ring which is said to collect negative energy and, once it has reached its capacity, breaks. I received or bought all of these items around the same time and they hold a special place in my heart.

Since the very beginning, I knew that being pagan wasn’t simply for the title or just a religion that I could forget after it’s holy days; it was a way of life. Personally, I think that’s why I can’t let go of these items. They each symbolize something magical to me but also something non-magical.

My Ankh necklace is a constant reminder of my Egyptian ties and when I fiddle with it when I’m nervous or catch a glimpse of it while passing a mirror, it reminds me that I always have the Gods watching over me. The necklace was a gift from my father and it reminds me of all of our happy memories before our recent disagreement. It reminds me of all the holidays I spent with him and how when I asked for the most off the wall gifts, like Anais Nin books at twelve years old or water color paints at eighteen, he always gave me exactly what I had in mind with no raised eyebrows.

My pentacle necklace like I mentioned before was a gift from my sister. Although we  both had been out of the chains and thick black eye liner for awhile we always wandered in to shop at each goth-esque shop we passed on every trip to the mall. So here we were like usually browsing over the fishnets and studded belts when I found my pentacle. She walked over to see what I’d found and commented on how she still needed to get me a gift for Christmas. I lifted up my necklace which cost next to nothing and laughed. She looked blankly at me for a moment and then took the necklace out of my hand and murmured something about how weird I was. Every time I hold it, it makes me feel happy and connected to my sister as well as the elements.

And the last is my hematite ring. As its purpose is to collect negative energy, I feel extremely positive each time I look at it because I love my ring and don’t want it to break. It’s silly but it works for me and although it has chipped a few times it’s still alive and well. So it reminds me to remain positive and remember that I can always utilize different tools to help me stay positive if I need it.

So while rituals, sabbats, divination, and all that are extremely important, it’s also important to have little things, even if it is just cheap jewelry, around to remind you that you are capable of powerful magic to help others and that there is a whole universe available to help you when you are in need. All the while, awakening all of the happy memories you have from when you received or bought your own magical items.

Do you have your own special items like mine? What are they and what do they remind you of?

Blessings and Love!

Witch Talents

By: Hawk RunningWater

When you first decide to practice Witchcraft, it is very important to look deeply into yourself and discover your talents and what truly speaks to you in the craft.

What drew me to Witchcraft initially was my spiritual problem. I had seen ghosts my entire life so it was no surprise when my patron God turned out to be Anubis. I had also received tarot cards for my fourteenth birthday and loved them immediately. Later on, I found the cards were my strongest divination tool next to my pendulum.  I also had found my wand at ten years old and have it to this day. So the ability I once viewed as a curse and the items I couldn’t bear to let go of actually revealed a lot about me when I began my life as a Witch.

I cannot stress enough to thoroughly look through your past and investigate little quirks that make you different from people or the items that you just have not been able to get rid of. These unique attributes have the ability of shaping you further into a better person as well as a witch as they did for me. The items, like my wand, also have the ability to be transferred over to your magical practice and utilized as a tool. These belongings are, in fact, quite ideal because they are full of your energy and are familiar to you so using them for the first time won’t feel awkward. The extra energy is also a very strong spell boost and will help you the most at the beginning of your craft when you are the most skeptical.

So what are you good at? What makes you different from those around you? What things have spoken to you your entire life? If you answer these questions, you may have just discovered your Witch talents. But don’t forget, every Witch needs practice so take time to mold and shape your abilities before you get too cocky.

Blessings and Love to you all!

An American Witch in the UK

As most of you know, I have finally achieved my long term goal of moving to England and being with my Fiancee. So far it has been a fantastic experience. I get to be with the man I love and discover a whole new country and culture all at the same time. However, I have also found differences in the way I am practicing.

Maybe it’s because that I was holding so many rituals to help me reach this goal that now that I have finally got here I don’t know what to do. I am at a very calm magical standstill but as magic was using a lot of my energy this may not necessarily a bad thing. I have increased in my devotions as a thank you to my patrons because Freyja and Anubis know that I was calling out for a lot of guidance during the journey. I also have yet to set up a new altar and gather more magic supplies (herbs and a new wand since I was barred from bringing them through the evil villain that is customs.) I have also been trying to find a few pagan stores to actually walk to as I typically dislike online shopping but I have only found one. Any pagan store suggestions from any other UK practitioners out there would be greatly appreciated.

However one difference I am very happy about is that while wearing my pentacle necklace, I did not get the typical “shun the Satan worshiper” looks that I received in America. I’ll be giving updates of my continued practice as an American Witch in the UK so if there are any shop suggestion, gatherings, or anything else a Brit Witch in training should know please feel free to tell me in the comments below!


Samhain Blue Print

Since I was not able to hold the ritual I truly wanted for Mabon, I am trying to plan my Samhain celebration farther in advance. Although my plans are subject to change this is what I have so far.

1. Ancestor Honoring-Altar making,leaving cakes, and lighting of candles for my ancestors who have passed on.

2. Candles– A separate 7 day candle to guide spirits to Summerland.

3. Pray– Ask my patron father Anubis to guide wandering spirits to rest and call upon Artemis to show her moonlight to guide them.

4. Divination– Samhain is the best time to ask questions of your divination tools. So ask away!

5. Honor the God and Goddess– Honor the Crone mother and the Great Horned God. Reflect on their blessings throughout the year and their forms at this point on the wheel.

It’s still in the rough but my plan is evolving more and more everyday for this year’s Samhain. I can’t wait to feel the energy this sabbat has to offer. What do you have on the agenda this Samhain? Don’t be afraid to share in the comments below!


How the Craft Can Help

I have finally achieved my goal which I have been working towards since the beginning of this year: moving to England and living with my Fiancee. It has not been an easy journey but the craft walked me through it. Accompanied with my faith I have utilized many herbs, rituals, and divination to reach this point.

At the beginning of my practice, I was very interested in researching various traditions and Gods and this led me into a researching frenzy. I truly could not get enough of the craft. But after awhile, dorm practice became hard and I slowly got sucked back into the day to day routine and trying to maintain my grades at University. However, when I met my Fiancee everything changed.

Through the mounds of paper-work, one failed trip overseas, and no cash I hit rock bottom. I was depressed and thought all hopes were lost for my relationship. But then I realized there had been something there for me all along: the craft. From that point my eyes fully opened and I began to really research what I could do to make my dreams a reality.

Before reaching out to the craft, however, I cannot stress enough the importance of positive thinking. Being a negative person myself, this was the hardest thing for me to learn but it all the more important if you are a practicing witch. Negative thinking can be your worst enemy as an everyday person but for a witch it can cause a spell to go awry, accidentally send negative energies, or even affect the actions of those around you. So before you try anything magical, work a bit on yourself and see if you need improving before seeking magical help.

Tools to reach a Goal

1. Candles- Candle magic can be very soothing to the practitioner while simultaneously sending out constant energy to achieve your objective. Personally I used candle magic for a seven day spell and to call upon the elements to utilize their various properties to speed along the whole red-tape government process.

2. Divination- Any form can help lend you when you feel doubt creeping into your mind. If you have a strong relationship with any form of divination as I do, then these messages can always help guide you.

3. Herbs & Gems- Get all those herbs and gems gathered up that bring out the best in your zodiac sign. This can be just what you need for a magical boost.

4. Pray- Although some witches don’t pray, I do. Speaking to the Gods and asking for their guidance can only strengthen your bond with your patrons and believe me, when I asked, they told me exactly what to do.

5. Elements- Spend some serious time outdoors with the thought of your goal in mind and pay attention to what element is calling out to you. Air was alien to me before I set off to the woods looking for a sign. It may not always be an element that you personally call upon but look into it’s message and research what it could do to help.

6. Research! – I found a lot of helpful spell ideas and herb details from other witches so don’t be afraid to delve into the craft a little bit.  We don’t know everything at the start but only by looking into the work of others can we learn some of the finer details that our gut just doesn’t want to tell us.

Blessings to you all!

How-To: Dorm Practice

By: Hawk RunningWater

When I first discovered the craft I was living in a college dorm. Although I was rooming with my sister/best friend, I still wanted to keep my practice private. It was really difficult to hide at first but after I studied rituals and made them my own, I found ways to practice in secret (although I ended up sharing my excitement with her a month or so later.)

The key to secret practicing in your dorm is turning everyday objects into ritual tools and eventually designing an altar. It took me a long time to select my wand, bowl, and other tools but I was still able to practice for several months with only herbs and a chalice. Tools don’t make a witch, a witch makes their tools. So don’t think you need all of your tools the first week of practice. Don’t force the craft, your tools will come to you when you are meant to find them.

Now that my lecture is over let’s get this guide underway.

My first altar cloth was a plain, black sheet that I used on my desk for rituals. Afterwards I folded it up, placed it in it’s hiding place, and went upon my merry way. I suggest buying a Farmers Almanac so you can always have an easy guide to the moon phases for your spellwork because usually I worked at night and didn’t have time to locate it the moon through the city smog so it really helped me in the beginning. The next tool I found was my chalice. I bought a beautiful crystal glass that I found very cheap when visiting back home and used it for cleansing gems, blessings, and as my offering cup to the Lord and Lady. Although some say you should have separate chalices for all of these rituals, I have never run into any issues with having only one. Throughout the next few weeks I gathered herbs from the local dollar store, brought out my crystals that I had had for several years, and put them together in a decorative box on my desk. I wanted to buy incense and candles but both were prohibited in my dorm so I went without, however, you can find aroma therapy oils that can work just as well when smoke detectors ruin all the fun.

I also paid attention to my sisters’ work and class schedule. I found times where she would be out of the room and made sure to finish my practice during that time. I took note of my rituals and visions in my Book of Shadows binder and placed that in my school supplies and my sister didn’t have a clue. And that was my practice.

When I moved back home I found my wand, tons of incense, even more herbs, and bought up gems by the handfuls. It is all what you can do in your environment. It may not be perfect but it’s something and trust me, the God’s will understand. Practicing how you can, when you can, is better than not practicing at all.

Recommended Tools For Dorm Practitioners
1. Altar cloth that you can easily stow away after use
2. Chalice- Glasses are easy to hide and not unusual
3. Herbs
4. Gems
5. Candles/Aroma therapy oil
6. Farmers Almanac
7. Book of Shadows Notebook

The Witch Limits

Throughout my practice I have stumbled and had to discover most of my core elements of practice myself. Although I had a mentor who led me to the start of my path, the rest was up to me. Because of this fact, my relationship with the craft is very personal and dear to me. I basically built my practice and belief structure from the ground up and it has made me a stronger Witch.

With that being said, I also have my own set of rules but they are not all that unique. I believe in the threefold principle, I stay away from curses, love spells, or anything else that alters someone through spell work, I hold a respect for all other Witches even if we disagree, and I do not touch the tools or astral travel to any one without permission. Quite recently I have experienced my first breach of my rules. Not by my own doing but by a fellow Witch. I shall not name them nor wish them any ill will, I’m simply putting out this problem as a warning to my fellow practitioners.

This Witch astral traveled to my home without permission while I slept and, by their claim, accidentally encountered my tools which were zipped in my travel backpack. Upon awaking everything felt normal, however, my Fiancee informed me of a dream he had the night prior and warned me that the God’s were trying to show me a sign. I prayed and spoke to my patrons and discovered what had happened.

I took out my tarot cards which have been mine and mine alone for 7 years. We know eachother’s energy and hold a strong mutual respect for one another. They were strangers to me. Digging into my pack further, I found my pendulum bag opened and its chakra crystals spilled throughout my bag. With my cards cold to the touch and my pendulum unresponsive to my questions, I grew angry. My trust had been violated and the God’s (as well as my tools after a thorough cleansing) informed me that it had been deliberate. Not to mention, someone had stood in my room while I slept. It was a violation. A violation I didn’t expect and it hurt me deeply. A fellow Witch had attempted to change the energy of my tools to make them tell me what they wanted me to hear.

In my anger, I awoke my spiritual guide, the Goddess Freyja, and immediately cast a protective circle around me and put up my psychic guard. Since then I have grown even stronger as a Witch. By awakening the Goddess inside me I found myself surrounded by the magic and beauty of the craft. The God’s smiled upon me and they do still. From this experience I grew into something I never expected and I have never felt closer to my practice.

So while things changed for the better, I can not stress enough the importance of being respectful toward others and never assuming that something is okay before asking. Every Witch has a limit and it’s crucial to know the limits of those you are attempting to work with. I lost a person whom I thought was my friend because of this; a person I trusted who tried to alter the truth for their personal gain. But I hope you gain something from this experience; a lesson that I hope other Witches will never have to personally go through.


Astral Traveling Personal How-To

By: Hawk RunningWater

I have been practicing astral travel for almost a year now and have grown quite a lot in that time. In the beginning I could only travel when in my meditation element (water) which calmed me to the state in which I could shift to the next plane to complete an astral journey. My main purposes for conducting an astral journey has been for healing and protection  purposes and all have been successful.

Some say that you are extremely vulnerable in this state and should do it sparingly or with an intense arsenal of protection but I found that these are only true for some. I am not one of them. After mental preparation and making sure you have your “spiritual” guard up that is virtually all I need. I have absolute faith that the Gods will watch over me in this state. For having complete trust, nothing has even a chance of harming me while I’m trying to astral travel.

Now after that little intro, let’s get this how-to guide started.

Astral Traveling Step by Step

1. Find a place where you feel comfortable and safe. I usually travel when I am alone but this is just my personal preference. Ground and center yourself. Meditate until you feel yourself reach a state of calm. It is good to call upon Earth so you are grounded and get an energy boost but this is optional. Also you can ask your patrons for their protection on your journey or it can just be an understanding. It’s whatever you are comfortable with.

2. After you reach a state of calm, think of the person or place you want to travel to and feel yourself moving toward it or them. You can say the name of the person or place if it helps.

3. This next phase will be different for everyone. When I see the person that I’m trying to help, I usually see their outline or them as their animal connection but it will most likely be different for you. It may be just a feeling or like you are actually there and can see everything around you but it is different for every individual.

4. Do what you traveled to do.

5. Break away at your own pace and return to yourself.

6. When you feel yourself back to your original starting point, remain sitting still for a few minutes. Astral traveling is quite draining when you first start so give yourself time to recoup. But after practice this effect will probably disappear.

7. Put your hand to the ground and return the excess energy back to the Earth and thank it for its help.

There are many ways to conduct your traveling but this is my personal way. Differences in methodology are to be expected so follow your gut and do what it tells you. This is the best way to become comfortable with your personal practice and to have a higher success rate.

Hope this helps! Blessed Be!

My Witch Tattoos

My Eye of Ra Tattoo

I got this tattoo on my ribs along the left side of my body after researching more into my past lives to discover my other Egyptian connections. After careful research I found I was also another snake-headed Goddess name Wadjet who was considered a Goddess of protection over several different things and people. I got this in honor of Ra and to carry my protection abilities to those in this life.

Anubis and Artemis Tribute

For my patrons I got this tattoo on my upper right thigh. Obviously the Dog-headed center piece is for Anubis and the crescent moon is for Artemis. Since Anubis dominates this piece I am looking to get another to show Artemis’s equality.

Constructing Your Witch Name

By: Hawk RunningWater

Every beginning Witch reaches that point where they branch out and wish to further their knowledge of the craft past their 2 starter books. Usually in these books or looking into the practices of other Witches around you, you discover that some have magical names. While one is a name bestowed upon you by the divine when you ask and is only used in your contact with them (Oh I do love witchy secrets!) the other name is one you construct yourself. While this name can be changed or added to, it is my personal practice that you should keep the first one forever or make changes after careful reflection. In doing so, choosing the name will be a well-thought out process instead of pouncing on the coolest name you can think of.

Forming My Name
Personally, I loved names like Rhiannon or my Goddess names from my past lives (yes I have been more than one but what woman hasn’t?) but those just didn’t click. My old names reflected my old selves and Rhiannon well, I just have an addiction to the song. So after much deliberation I chose Hawk RunningWater.

The Hawk was the first animal to present itself to me when entering into the craft and I instantly felt a connection. Although I never thought about them before my introduction into the craft, they were everywhere now. After reflecting on positive memories, I also found they were there too. Popping up whenever something good happened, these creatures had momentarily caught my eye but were dismissed soon after. RunningWater was the hard part.

Water has always been my favorite element. Even after I had nearly died twice drowning as a child, I never feared it and it later became the first place where I saw fairies. So I thought of the most calming form of water that made me feel at ease and constructed running water. Be it rain, a waterfall, or even a shower, when water is falling it has the most calming effect on me and removes all negativity from my mind. I wanted a positive name so from my positive omen to my relaxing element I found my name.

Choosing Yours
As I said before, choosing your name should be serious business and will be your title among fellow Witches so take your time. It can be as creative as you want it to be. From trees, to colors, to deities your name can honestly be whatever you want. As long as it has meaning to you, that is all that matters.

Blessed Be!